16 Smart Small Space Tricks From Design Bloggers

Small Space Tricks – In this article, we will reveal from savvy design bloggers and learn super smart tips and tricks how to make your small-space situation looks bigger and wider by minimizing every square foot.

1. Kitchen wall organizer with hooks


If you’re worried to keep your kitchen tools organized and make it looks stylish, a kitchen wall organizer is the answer. Just hang it up!

2. Desk organizer

Small Space Tricks

Is your desk looks chaotic? Small Space Tricks

Don’t waste your precious time to looking your things! Not only the stationary, but you can also put your reading material and a notepad to make them easy to reach.

Acrylic desk organizers always look clean and it fit everything perfectly, you can put them whether in the living room or bedroom.

3. Cork Accessory Wall

Small Space Tricks

If you have small room or small studio apartment, everything should be easily to reach and view such as shoes on open shelves, clothes in a compact closet, full height mirror on closet door or you have a plan to assemble your outfit while drying your hair in the bathroom.

All you need is an organized way to store and display your accessories—no time to waste for digging through and untangling your jewelry box.

4. Cork Accessory Wall—Solution for Accessory Overload

Small Space Tricks

There is no woman or girl who didn’t love the accessory. It’s nice when you have a lot of accessory, but if you know where to find them in your house and always keep them neatly.This might be the perfect solution if you have too many accessory and jewelry.

There was a sliver of space between the bathroom and closet doors where you can hang your necklaces so they wouldn’t tangle. This is the perfect location because it located right next to mirror and help you to make a quick decision. Small Space Tricks

Make a custom-sized cork board where you can pin small nails as hooks for your necklaces and bracelets to keep your jewelry organized and readily available—also beautiful way to show off your collection!

5. Vertical Shelf Desk

Small Space Tricks

If you dealing with space issues and weird cutouts along the wall, adding three of stained wood shelves with brackets can streamlined workspace so you can place your laptops or tablets, or just make display areas.

6. Booze Box

Small Space Tricks

There are so many ways to create vintage things to a smart and functional piece—especially if your fondness of the rustic-industrial look, you can use the vintage toolbox to storage things like nice container to put your liquor bottles and also décor your room.

7. Stacked Small Bathroom Shelves

Small Space Tricks

Is your bathroom don’t have more space for a cabinet?

You need to come up with a storage solution for your bathroom without make a mess with the sink.

Place small, white shelves as the solution for storing your things. These are practical and hey—how good they look on that narrow wall!

Have problem with small spaces?

Think vertical! Small Space Tricks

8. Stove-top Counter

Small Space Tricks

If you living in a small apartment, your kitchen might be lacking in counter space and planned to gain more counter space without using more space in your tiny kitchen—you need something to cover but needed to be easily to removed and stored.

Stove-top covers made from a fairly heavy wooden piece in a white finish looks perfectly with your cabinets and countertops. Small Space Tricks

A heavy wooden doesn’t move or shift while you’re chopping vegetables or fruits and you can also slide it away easily if you’re about to use the stove or oven.

9. Mason Jar Organizers

Small Space Tricks

Use the popular glass vessels to store stuff and décor your house too. This mason-jar organizer help you minimize the bathroom clutter and keep things at the right place.

10. Hair Tool Holders

Small Space Tricks

The expensive hair tool organizers were meant to be placed on a counter or vanity taking up too much space.

But the pricey versions, place a tin cup to hold the hot hair tools and put them in the drawer, yet neatly organized and safe in-between uses.

11. Behind-door Bookshelves

Small Space Tricks

These narrow, unobtrusive hybrid shelves which holds books up and in place, create beautiful bookshelves.

This is to take advantage of the available unused wall behind the door.

12. Slim Sofa Table

Small Space Tricks

If you face the problem of no room for side tables, you needed a smart fix to create a place for lamps, books, plants and frames!

This tiny but mighty table make unexpected ways for your space issues! Small Space Tricks

13. Bedside Charging Station

Small Space Tricks

Place the craft box on your bedside table to make a charging station and also a need little spot for other things too, including remotes, hair accessories and more.

14. Closet Workspace

Small Space Tricks

Large closets always seem to become a dumping ground, make use of this space by creating an organized space for homework or storage things.

15. Stuffed Animal Pouf

Small Space Tricks

Playrooms are meant for lots of fun. You can put all of your kids stuffed animals inside a beanbag pouf to storage a pile of stuffed animals and gain a lot of shelf space in the playroom.

16. Cute Tiny Bag Storage

Small Space Tricks

Hang on these cute little pouches to place everything from soap and candles to jewelry and and extra buttons.

These little pouches are a big help to keep your things in order and great for traveling too!

Small Space Tricks

Source : hgtv.com

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